Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I love the smell of opinion in the morning

Well, since I've been assessed by the indefatigable Goddezz, it's high time I contributed to the blog-sniffing meme. :-D Y'all've been warned.

As I'm in a lazy frame today, all the links are at left.

bookblog - sawdust; that pseudo-musty smell of open boxes mixing new books and old
conjectural navel gazers - old, beloved books, burning candles and antique wood; allspice
Fairy Dust - greasepaint and latex paint in eager, echoing space; cool city rain
Fiendish Plot - banana muffins, "cat" and Indian takeout; warm city rain; cinnamon
gigglechick - puff pastry, sausage, beer and hairspray; cloves
GUT RUMBLES - hold a Zin cork under your nose, then slice and sniff a Vidalia onion, then open a bottle of cider vinegar
Hairy Toes, Lemonade Rhino - eyeliner, hairspray and honeydew melon - with hot fudge sauce
J'Mo's Journal - Texas dust; simple, sweet perfume; basil
KateSpot - Easter baskets, SweeTarts and crushed grass; talcum powder and Triaminic
Life In Louisiana - salt air off the delta, fresh laundry, paper with torn edges, and "kid"
minutiae - tabasco, soymilk, marinara and ... motor oil?!?
Poet and Peasant - that smell LPs get, stored in their sleeves; newsprint; Grand Marnier; a hint of vanilla
quinntopia - aftershave, electrical fire and Chee-tos - fresh linen, new paper and damp topsoil; rain wafting in an open window; rosemary


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