Monday, August 26, 2002

Rain, rain, kindly stay
Go away some other day

Yep, Richmond is getting rain for the first time in several weeks. People are rejoicing all over, except that Richmonders seem to have lost the knack of rain driving in the interim. Several big accidents on the way into work.

I've always loved the rain - I remember sitting, as a child, and watching rivulets move down sliding doors in the Hockessin (Delaware) and Cincinnati houses. Little showers, gully-washers, wrath-of-God thunderstorms, I love 'em all. The Goddess seems to share my affinity.

Some scientists have posited that homo sapiens went through an aquatic or semi-aquatic phase during its development (hmm. Do other primates ever swim?), and that's how we wound up with such a thin "coat" compared to the rest of the primate world. The hypnotic, archetypical place that water holds in our species' psychology and mythology would seem to bear that out.

Theory aside, I have always found it easiest to relax with rushing water or crashing waves nearby. Recordings and white-noise generators don't seem to do it. I haven't tried one of those little pebble-stone fountains that have become so popular, because my pets would see it as an exotic water dish. :-)

Hmm. What an idea - a beachside vacation! Preferably with rain. Yeah, I'm one of those crazy people who likes rainy, cold beaches.


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